39 grants at total value of c. $756,000

c. $90,000 Subgrants

  • Alin Christoph Cucu, “Religious Hypotheses in the Study of Human Nature,” Romanian Academy of Sciences, Romania 
  • Slobodan Perovic, “Sciences of the Origin,” University of Belgrade, Serbia

c. $60,000 Subgrants

  • Daniela Glavaničová, “Pavel Tichý on Individuals, Roles, and God,” Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia 
  • Daniel Kodaj, “Meant to Be: Resuscitating the Metaphysics of Teleology,” Central European University, Hungary 

c. $30,000 Subgrants

  • Ewa Atanassow, “Science and Religion Project at Bard College Berlin,” Bard College Berlin, Germany
  • Ivan Christov, “Analytical Trends in Orthodox Theology,” Sophia University “St. Kliment Ohridsk”, Bulgaria
  • Ruben Emanuel Nechifor, “Assessing the Neural Correlates of Highly Religious Christian, Moderate Religious Christian and Nonreligious Belief through fMRI and Structural MRI Analysis,” Babeș-Bolyai University, Romania 
  • Piotr Roszak and Saša Horvat, “The Dynamic Theodicy Model: Understanding God, Evil and Evolution,” Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland and Croatia 
  • Stanisław Ruczaj, “Grace and Nature: A Theological Account of the Origins of Christian Religious Beliefs in the Light of the Cognitive Science of Religion,” Jagiellonian University, Poland
  • Matthias Ruf, “Talking about Divine Action – Exploring the Trilemma Between What is Said, What is Meant and Divine Mystery,” University of Rostock, Germany 
  • Borut Škodlar, “Contemplative Traditions and Psychotherapy,” Institute for Monastic Studies and Contemplative Sciences, Slovenia
  • Roman Soloviy and Roman Zaviyskyy, “Religion and Science: Capacity-Building for the Future,” Eastern European Institute of Theology, Ukraine
  • Michael Valco, “The Future of Imago Dei Theologies in the Context of the New Challenges of Transhumanism: A Central European Perspective,” Comenius University, Slovakia 

c. $15,000 Subgrant

  • Liisi Keedus, “Science and Temporalities: A Lecture-Seminar Series,” Tallinn University, Estonia
  • Simon Kopf, “A Virtue-Based Approach to Providence: Bridging the Analytic/Continental Divide in the Central-European Divine Action Debate,” Humboldt University, Germany
  • Balázs Mezei, “Revelation and the Sciences: International Conference,” Hungarian Association for the Study of Religion, Hungary

c. $5000 Subgrants

  • Petro Balog, “Verbum Intellectual Platform ‘Big Questions’ Series,” St Thomas Aquinas Institute, Ukraine 
  • Nutsa Batiashvili, “Cognitive Ecology of Religious Practice in the Periphery of the Orthodox World,” Free University of Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Ana Biocic, “Religion and Science – Priests as University Professors and Rectors,” University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Taras Dobko, “If there is no God…” Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine 
  • Rasa Giniunaite, “Is our Scientific Worldview Compatible with Religious Faith?” independent researcher, Lithuania 
  • Dana Hanesová and Todd Patterson, “Matej Bel Conference for Science, Theology and Humane Philosophy,” Matej Bel University, Slovakia
  • Robert Petkovsek, “Interdisciplinary Centre for Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence and the Ethics of New Technologies,” University of Ljubljana, Slovenia 

c. $7500 Translation grants

  • Dritëro Demjaha, Albanian translation of Ratzinger, Eschatologie: Tod und Ewiges Leben, Albania 
  • Krystof Dolezal, Czech translation of Roger Scruton, The Soul of the World, Czechia
  • Justyna Göcke, Polish translation of five essays by Benedikt Paul Göcke from German and English, Poland
  • Tamara Grdzelidze, Georgian translation of Richard Swinburne, Faith and Reason, Georgia
  • Jacek Jarocki, Polish translation of Philip Goff, Galileo’s Error, Poland
  • Kolégium Antona Neuwirtha, Slovak translation of Roger Scruton, The Face of God, Slovakia
  • Tamás Paár, Hungarian translation of Alvin Plantinga, Knowledge and Christian Belief, Hungary
  • Oleksiy Panych, Ukrainian translation of Alvin Plantinga, Warrant: The Current Debate, Ukraine
  • Stanisław Ruczaj, Polish Translation of Helen de Cruz and Johan de Smedt, A Natural History of Natural Theology: The Cognitive Science of Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Poland
  • Kristë Shtufi, Albanian translation of Tim Crane, Elements of Mind, Albania
  • Denise Vasiliu, Romanian Translation of Paul Fiddes, Participating in God, Romania
  • Sebastjan Vörös, Slovene translation of A.N. Whitehead, Science and the Modern World, Slovenia 

c.$4000 Prize Fellowships for Roger Scruton Philosophy Symposium

  • Valentino Findirk, Croatia
  • Maria Kadzielska, Poland
  • Nino Gabelashvili, Georgia
  • Bartosz Wesol, Poland