An introduction to the project

The website is about the project, “New Horizons for Science and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe.” This five-year project (1 Nov 2019 – 30 Oct 2024), led by a team at the University of Oxford, will stimulate world-class research and outreach in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). 

The project will enhance engagement with Big Questions in science and religion within CEE and in dialogue with researchers elsewhere in the world. The project will focus principally, though not exclusively, on a suite of questions within the broad themes of (a) Science and Religion in the CEE Context; (b) Reason and Faith; and (c) Persons, Mind, and Cosmos. Please see here for more information on the research themes.

Over two hundred diverse subgrants and major activities of the project, covering the twenty-four countries of CEE, will include three study weeks, a congress and a conference, an exchange program for Master's students, three essay competitions, fifteen visiting fellowships, thirty-five project subgrants, ten translations of key works into leading regional languages, and forty project videos. The project is also expected to stimulate the preparation of over ninety-five academic publications. These activities will help to foster a new generation of scholars and co-operative networks to transform future research in the region.

This project has been made possible thanks to a generous grant of nearly $3M from the John Templeton Foundation (ID 61549) within the funding area of public engagement.

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Some of the participants at the summer school (29.08 - 01.09.2018) and conference (03.09 - 04.09) on the theme, “The Human Person and the Human Brain”, held at Ciovo, Croatia, as part of the scoping project 60984, funded by the John Templeton Foundation. This event was run in collaboration with the University of Zagreb, University of Warsaw, the Humane Philosophy Project, and the Croatian Dominican Province. The summer school consisted of advanced undergraduate/MA level classes by lecturers from the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the University of Warsaw, and the University of Zagreb.